Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sugar Block Club Block for March

I finally found some time to sew together the March block of the Sugar Block Club.  Soccer season is gearing up which interferes with my Saturday sewing time.  This block had a bit of paper piecing.  Now its been a VERY long time since I have done any paper piecing.  Thank goodness it was not a complicated pattern. I really enjoyed making this block.  I pulled out some Japanese fabrics for this block.  They are just so charming (well to me anyway).

Last weekend I took myself off to a craft show.  Lucky for me it was just 3 train stops away.  I had to take my son so he appreciated the albeit short train ride.  I had a wonderful time despite a not very enthusiastic child.  He however changed his mind when we checked out the wood working demonstrations and started buying his own fat quarters.

I attended a half hour workshop where Paula Storm talked about applique and her technique.  Now if you have ever tried the starch method you will want one of these brushes that she has designed.  Much better than spraying starch into a lid and using a paintbrush.  It has inspired me to try applique again (one day).  Paula even gives you a recipe to make your own starch (recipe comes with the brush).

(I couldn't find them on her web site but I am sure you could email her if you would like one)

Of course I didn't have to try very hard to find some fabric that I liked.

I have extremely busy week coming up.  Let's hope its controlled chaos all the way!

I hope you have wonderful week.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tiny Zippered Pouches (Lots of 'em)

Sooo I saw this tutorial for a very cute keyring pouch before Christmas.  Could I do it I asked myself? Could I handle those small pieces with my fat fingers? They sure would make a great Christmas present. Mmmmmm.  What to do, what to do.

Sooo I bought the hardware and zippers (thank you Monkey Makes Three for letting us know where you bought your gear from) and convinced myself to make just one.  Well I survived making one and couldn't get over how cute it was.  My poor family SUFFERED until I calmed down from feeling so clever. So why not make 20 more!

The tutorial is excellent with great step-by-step instructions (photos for each step).  The only problem I had was boxing the corners but that was what I call a "user problem" (i.e. me not getting "it").  But once I conquered one there was no stopping me.  All the recipients genuinely seemed thrilled with receiving one. Now that was a very nice feeling along with using fabrics from my stash.

Have a great week!

Monday, February 17, 2014

February 2014

So here we are in February. What is everyone up to? My son is back at school and therefore all that comes with that.  I do enjoy routine but I love the school holidays where we don't have to be somewhere at a certain time and of course love having no homework.  I have been trying to make a more concerted effort to carve out time for my sewing.  So far so good.  I hope I haven't jinxed myself now.  My work is so busy and even though I only work 3 days a week I sometimes have to bring work home.  There is always so much reading! Open plan offices are not conducive to reading.  Lucky for me my train commute home allows me to do some of the reading.

This past weekend I sewed up my February Sugar Block Club block.  I just love Amy's instructions. They are top notch.  I love how she provides a photo of all the components that need to be cut.  It suits my brain perfectly.  Guess by now you can tell I am enjoying this block of the month program.

In January I was reading Randi's newsletter for her fabric store Fresh Squeezed Fabrics.  Randi had put together some glorious bundles of solids. They surely made my heart sing.  At the time of purchasing I didn't have a specific plan.  However a short time later I needed to make 2 cot quilts.  I will reveal the first one I made another time (its off at the quilters and I forgot to take a photo before I sent it off).  For the second quilt I used a doll quilt pattern from the "Pretty in Patchwork Doll Quilts" by Cathy Gaubert.  It is a great pattern.  The star points are improv pieced and the pattern really made me comfortable giving it a go.  It came together beautifully. I made 4 of the blocks and then sashed it all up.  Gotta laugh at that because that is the bit I stuffed up! You are probably thinking how on earth did she stuff that up? That bit is easier than the blocks.  No idea.  I even checked beforehand that I was sewing the sashing onto the right piece! The brain must have been needing food or something .

All in all I have felt very creative this February. I hope you are all getting some creative time too because it sure does make you feel good.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sugar Block Club 2014

I had a bit of an epiphany last year when I saw the blog post by Amy Gibson from Stitchory Dickory Dock about her Sugar Block Club for 2014. I had seen the blocks from the 2013 club and admired them from afar. So when the details of the 2014 club came up I signed up! Even better I signed up a fellow quilting friend as a surprise Christmas gift.  One block a month seemed very manageable to me.
Now my quilting buddy who I also signed up, Sue, just happens to live in another state.  So to share our blocks we are going to blog about them.  Sue is a regular blogger, unlike myself, so I am hoping that doing a blog post once a month will get me back into the swing and blog about what I make so I can keep a record of them.

Below is my take on January's block.  I am planning to use fabrics from my stash and there will definitely be spots in probably every block.  You can see Sue's block here.

The fabric below is the inspiration for my Sugar Block Club quilt.  I would love to use it as a border but will wait and see if it will be usable.  It would require fussy cutting for a border and the burning question of whether there would be enough.  I bought the last of the bolt and it was quite some time ago that I bought it.

Take care.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photo a day July 2012 Part 3

Finally the last installment of my July photos. Thanks for sticking it out.  You never know one day I might actually sew something again and I might have a post about sewing.

July 25 - heart.  Sometimes with the challenge topics inspiration strikes when you are least expecting it to. With the topic 'heart' I was going to take a photo of a pretty stuffed heart I had at home but while at work I noticed that this plant had heart shaped leaves. I thought it was a nice change from the traditinal heart shape I was going to use.
July 26 - sunshine.  I remember this well as early in the morning there had been so much cloud I thought I would never see the sun. Then just after lunch there was a short break in the clouds and out I ran to get a snap.
July 27 - on the road.  The street I live in is very quiet on weekdays when everyone is at work.  I just love the trees on the left side of the photo and how they all lean exactly the same way.
July 28 - cup.  Another one of my Mother's Day purchases for me.  It makes having a cuppa a little bit special.

July 29 - last thing you bought. I bought this for a birthday present for one of my son's friends.
July 30 - calm.  Doing a bit of straightforward crocheting is always relaxing.
July 31 - toothbrush. This was the hardest topic for the month. I had no idea what to do.  Then one of the girls at work mentioned she was going to the dentist and came back with a new toothbrush. I thought wow, I hadn't even mentioned what the topic was to anyone (sometimes I might mention what the topic is and they are very good natured and humour me with listening) and here is a nice clean brand new toothbrush I could use for a photo.  So very unoriginal I did a 'Where's Wally' theme. We were told to use our imagination but somedays mine is on vaction. Oh well.

Take care.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo a day July 2012 Part 2

Well its Friday night here and I am just going to finish Part 2 of my photos and then head to bed. Its so cold and windy here tonight. Perfect for reading my book in my nice warm bed. I am such a nanna sometimes. We have to be up early for our last game of soccer.  Well I have to be up early to make sure everyone is ready to go on time. I am sure you know what I mean.

July 13 - open. The ornate gates to the Botanical Gardens were open for us. I took my son and 2 of his friends on the ferry into the city on one day of the school holidays. The weather was superb.  Despite being winter you could have quite happily and comfortably had a t-shirt and jeans on.
July 14 - building.  This is a house block I made for a friend.  I call it a patchworkers house.
July 15 - finger.  A picture of my son's hand.  I remember when he was doing swimming lessons and he would look over to us and we would give him a thumbs up to tell him he was doing a good job.  We  still use it with each other today.
July 16 - sign. This is a sign nearby my house.

July 17 - your addiction. I love a cold can of coke.
July 18 - plate.  This is a plate I bought myself one Mother's Day. I just love having my breakfast on this plate.  So pretty.  It make breakfast special in some small way.
July 19 - animal/insect/pet.  Some people might call these birds a pest especially when the poop all over your washing.
July 20 - eyes.  My son was doing his 'I need food NOW!' look. I see this look an awful lot. He always seems to be hungry.

July 21 - 9 o'clock. Its 9 o'clock very early on a Saturday morning. This is how I spend my Saturday mornings in winter.  I don't mind the cold when he loves it so much.  He always asks after the match when we are driving home "Mum, did I play well?".  I can always honestly say he plays very well.  He always gives 150%.  I think playing soccer nearly every lunch time at school with older kids has done wonders for his game.
July 22 - upside down. Yeah my son often wants my photos to be about him in some way. He is hanging off the lounge.
July 23 - mirror. Yeah that would be yours truely in the mirror.
July 24 - a stranger.  Well this was hard, or so I thought. Then I walked out of the front door of work and was presented with a perfect opportunity. Just glad that its not my umbrella.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!