Monday, November 9, 2009


After reading so many wonderful blogs I thought it was about time I created one so I could participate in all the wonderful quilt and craft action happening in blogland. So here goes... I thought I would start by showing some photos of some recently completed things.

First up is two 'Poochie Bags' I made from the tutorial on the site. What a great pattern. Easy and very clear instructions.

Next are some items that were made for the 'Softies for Mirabel' project being run over at There are 2 'Zet the Monsters' and 2 'Flat Neds'. The pattern for the 'Zet the Monster' is from the Australian Homeswn magazine and the Flat Ned pattern was purchased from

I am hoping to now get cracking on some Christmas presents.
Ta ta for now.


antmee said...

Hi welcome to blogland. I just started a month ago myself. Your Zet monsters look great.

Pokey said...

Welcome to the community!
:-} pokey