Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sew and Tell #8

I hope all the aussies out in blog land had a great Australia Day. We spent the morning at the annual NRMA Motorfest. My 4 year old son particularly loved these vintage speed cars. Photo is courtesy of him and our old digital camera. He had a ball snapping photos of the bits he liked and getting down on his hands and knees to check underneath. As you may have guessed my son loves cars. Lucky it was only the morning as it was going to be another stinking hot day.

Now onto other important things. I finally finished my Chenille Star quilt started in 2007. As you can guess there is a chenille component. It was my first time sewing with chenille. It stretches. This project was what got me back into sewing big time after having my son. I booked into a one day class for my birthday at a local quilt shop. It was my first dose of real freedom. I gotta tell you I was very excited to be out for the better part of the day without any 'hanger-oners'.

I had organised a kit through the shop seeing as I loved the fabrics she had used. The brown patterned fabric is linen. It frays very easily. I wouldsay its a lapsize quilt. I used cotton batting.

I had it quilted by my local long arm quilter. I did a pieced back with an inbuilt label.

There are many more great finishes that you can see over at Amy's blog.

Thanks for visiting. I truly appreciate it.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sew & Tell #7

Well another one that took some time to arrive. This quilt has quite a history. My husband and I got married in September 2007 and while on our honeymoon in Coffs Harbour I just had to visit the local patchwork store and of course we all know what happened. P.S. the view is amazing from this place.

It is a largish bed quilt and I am hoping it will fit nicely on my queen sized bed. I had it machine quilted by my local long arm quilter with an overall pattern. I also managed to use up some older generation fabrics for the back. Very happy about that indeed. Even the binding was from my stash.

As you can see when you make a big quilt and live in a townhouse there is very limited locations to take decent photos of your quilt.

Unfortunately we are experiencing some very hot weather at the moment (37 - 43 degrees Celsius for the last couple of days) so I won't be sleeping under it for a while. I really hope the weatherman gets it wrong. As I get older I dislike the heat even more. Especially when there is no reprieve from the heat at night.

Do yourself a favour and check out lots of other great goodies over at Amy's.
'Ava great weekend (ode to aussies for Australia Day on Tuesday).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Committing myself

Well I am just going to commit myself and join in the fun with my first quilt-along. I am little bit nervous and just hope I can keep up. Deadlines generally work for me. Randi of fresh squeezed fabrics is running with it. All the details can be found on Randi's blog. She has also created a Flickr group for those joining in and those that would just like some eye candy.
There is a button on the side for easy access. I am currently thinking of using my small stash of turquoise and red fabrics. Of course that may change since that's my prerogative.
Now that I have added the picture I am thinking some red is necessary. Maybe some shopping in my stash is required and heaven forbid I have to buy some (ha ha)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sew and Tell #6

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family - Gingham Rose. She has taken a long time to be born. The quilt was started when I saw the 'Gingham Rose' collection from Moda in my local quilt shop. What a stunning range. For those of you that have been quilting for a while you might remember this collection. I started piecing the quilt top late 2003 and only finished putting the binding on this week. Needless to say I am pretty chuffed with myself for having got it finished.

I am pretty sure I had bought the bulk of the backing fabric in 2004 but I didn't have enough so I raided the stash. I had a local long arm quilter quilt it with various designs. When I send a quilt out to be quilted I add the label before sending which has been saving me some time and ensuring that the quilt ends up with a label. If I am doing a pieced back I add some homespun so that becomes my label and then I am not sewing on a label later.

Sorry about the photos but try as I might I just couldn't capture a 'great' shot.

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