Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Committing myself

Well I am just going to commit myself and join in the fun with my first quilt-along. I am little bit nervous and just hope I can keep up. Deadlines generally work for me. Randi of fresh squeezed fabrics is running with it. All the details can be found on Randi's blog. She has also created a Flickr group for those joining in and those that would just like some eye candy.
There is a button on the side for easy access. I am currently thinking of using my small stash of turquoise and red fabrics. Of course that may change since that's my prerogative.
Now that I have added the picture I am thinking some red is necessary. Maybe some shopping in my stash is required and heaven forbid I have to buy some (ha ha)

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Sue SA said...

A quilt a long sounds interesting I will have to check it out. My usual blog surfing has stopped as we have had to stop using internet explorer and I have lost my favorites list.
I think adding red will look good, but wouldnt have believed it until I saw the photo!
I gave the machine stitched binding a whirl this morning, worked for most part, but missed a few bits, a combination of;the 3yr old sitting on my lap, deadline of 20 minutes to be out the door and me also trying to eat my breakfast at the same time! Perhaps I will add more pins on the next attempt also!