Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh my an award

How lucky am I to be nominated by 2 fellow bloggers for a 'The Versatile Blogger' award. I am totally honoured. Many, many thanks to Rita @ Quiltpiecer and Andrea @ lush stuff. I am still in shock that my very low profile blog was selected by these bloggers.

The award comes with a few easy rules:

•Thank the person who gave you the award.
•Tell 7 things about yourself.
•Award 15 other bloggers that you enjoy reading.

Now 7 things about me.

1. I currently have two favourite DVD's (movies) - Passengers with Anne Hathaway & The Lucky Ones with Tim Robbins and Rachel McAdams.
2. I wish chips/crisps weren't so tasty.

3. I wish exercising consisted of sitting at the sewing machine. I would be pretty fit then (lol).

4. I LOVE fabric!

5. I love watching V8 supercars (premier car racing in Australia) with my 4yo son.

6.Creating things from fabric (& sometimes wool) is so unbelievably satisfying.

7. I think I am addicted to Google Reader. I love reading craft blogs. There are so many talented and generous bloggers.

Here's my list of 15 Blogs I am awarding with The Versatile Blogger award ( in no particular order).

1. Sue at Mother Patchwork

2.Catherine at The Sewing Attic

3. Kylie at Antmee

4. Rebecca at Chasing Cottons

5. Audrie at Blue is Bleu

6. Konda at Moose on the Porch Quilts

7. KarrieLyne at Freckled Whimsy

8. Emily at Carolina Patchworks

9. Aneela at Comfort Stitching

10. Jenny at Cut Sew Iron Repeat

11. Ashley at Film in the Fridge

12. Randi at I have to say

13. Jenn at Life in Bonetown

14. Andi at Patch Andi

15. Jodi at Sew Picture Perfect

Please don't feel obliged to forward this on. Just check out the great blogs if you want. You never know you might find something you like. Nothing like some great projects to get or keep you inspired.

Best wishes



Jenny said...

Thanks Karen! it is nice to learn a little more about you!!

Anonymous said...

Aww! Thank you Karen!
That really is very sweet:)

jlk said...

Congrats to you :) I keep my iron several steps away from my machine. I figure the getting up and down is totally exercising.

Rita E said...

It was my pleasure! I love Google reader too and am always inspired by the talented folks in blogland ... you are one of them!

Catherine said...

Thank you Karen! Nice to learn a little bit more about you. Yes Google Reader takes up way too much of my time as well:) and now you've given me more blogs to be inspired by!

antmee said...

Thanks Karen! I also spend way too much time reading craft/sewing blogs. One good blog always leads to another and oops another couple of hours (and bedtime) has gone by!

jodi@Pleasant-Home said...

Thanks so much! I am completely honored. ;o) ooxx`jodi

Josh Healy said...
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