Friday, August 13, 2010

Sew and Tell #17

Well I have been making some slow but never-the-less progress on my crochet blanket. I am loving this hooking project. Its a great project for my skill level. Thanks Lucy from Attic24.

Next up I have joined in the fun over at Freckled Whimsy in the Charm Pack Quilt Along ( I have a link in my side bar). In the first step KarrieLyne had has making half square triangle blocks and them trimming them. Well to tell you the truth I never thought I was going to get it done. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that I hope it makes my blocks come together nice and easy i.e. not too many adjustments required. I am using charm packs I had on hand. All the fabrics are from Moda and 3 Sisters. I love these fabrics.

Next step we had to make 4 patch blocks. Well a couple ( I am using this term very loosely) of those also need trimming. Can't quite face this job yet.

The Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along has now come to an end (sniff sniff). I have loved, loved, loved this one. Below is Block 11. A beauty of a block designed by Konda our extremely talented organiser of this quilt along. It was getting hard near the end working out fabric selections. A great exercise for me.

Below is Block 12. This was designed by Blue Nickel Studios. Seriously the blocks in this quilt along have been superb. There was not one block I had never made before, or remember making that is.

You could put your block together any way you wanted. I have chosen to go with Konda's plan. I am mega pleased with this one. It went together like a dream. None of my usual adjustments were needed to get everything to go together. And I got it together in time for the final prize draw. Yeah and hopefully once I get it quilted I will be able to take a better photo i.e. there will be better light/sunshine.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy stitching to you all!!!
Edited to add that I am linking up to Amy's Sew and Tell (I thought I had missed the cut-off).


Cecily said...

Looks like a fantastic pattern and it's coming together beautifully. And I think the dotted fabric for block 12 really kicks it up to another level - gorgeous!

jlk said...

I love how it looks all together! I am three blocks behind. Oh well. Maybe once school starts in a week I can get it done!

Leslie said...

it looks so beautiful all together...great finish.

Catherine said...

Your crochet is coming along very nicely, a great project todip in and out of when time permits. Your jelly roll quilt looksreally pretty altogether! How are you going to quilt it?

Pokey said...

Don't we love those projects Lucy of Attic 24 shares? Oh, to find all those dreamy colors, too, and yours is so beautiful. I love the quilting blocks, too, of course. Thank you for your encouraging words for my Lydia and I!

antmee said...

Awesome quilt! All made using a jelly roll? Excellent!

lush stuff said...

Hi Karen, Andrea here from lush stuff. Sorry I sent you the email about the blogger award late last night and forgot to add the link for my blog and now my email won't work hense this comment.Thanks for all your comments on my blog-really appreciated.

em's scrapbag said...

Your quilt is lovely! And I really like your crochet even if it is slow going.