Saturday, October 16, 2010

Catch up

I have been keeping busy with my quilt along. We had to make some nine patches.  Its been fun picking out the fabric combinations.

We made some nine patch stars for the quilt along too.  Below is a sample of some of my nine patch star blocks.  The official part of the quilt along has finished now.  I have some catching up to do.  However you won't be seeing this quilt top for a while as Audrie very kindly gave alternative instructions for a queen size quilt.  I am thinking I will be doing this BUT (yes its a big 'but') I will need to make 82 (yes eighty two) extra blocks.  Mind you I have enough fabric to make them.  Its just the thought of eighty two.

 I also used a pattern from the quilt along to make some blocks for Deb.  She is doing an awesome job of making quilts for those affected by the earthquake in Christchurch (New Zealand).


 My son also had a birthday.  He is now a big 5 year old.  He had his first party and had a fantastic time.  For party favours I made some flannel pillowcases and put a book (especially selected by my son for each person) in the pillowcase.  The boys got robots and the girls butterflies.  I ended up making 12 of the things.  My sewing machine did not like doing all the zigzagging of the edges.  Lots of sweet talking/not so sweet talk was necessary to get it all done.  It seems the parents appreciated the non-lolly gift.  Interestingly the girls really loved their pillowcases.

Next up I made some pillowcases for my bed.  I tell you they look so 'vintagy' with my sheets.  Probably because its no longer too matchy-matchy.  Even hubby likes the look.  He is not known for noticing these things normally.  I had made a few flannel pillowcases for winter and hubby actually asked if I would make some 'of those nice pillowcases' for our summer sheets.  All fabric was from 'the stash'.  I just love them and how they look on my bed.  Also the sewing machine didn't object to zig zagging these fabrics.  Gosh it makes sewing more pleasurable when you don't have to stop and start 3 times just trying to zig zag one edge.

4 pairs of pillowcases later I am DONE with these for a while.

How good is the aussie dollar at the moment!  Great for shopping overseas where its only around USD9.00 or less for a yard compared to $24.00 or more here (where I live).  I still try and support my local shops but when the prices are so high and with few specials offered its hard.

Well the weekend is almost over but it also means my 2 weeks off work is drawing closer. A family holiday is definitely in order.  Any suggestions for a holiday destination in Australia (must have some activities for a 5 yo boy & some for the parents)?  We are hoping to spend a week somewhere with just the three of us and then a week at my Mum and Dad's. First we have to get through kindy orientation.  Boy I find it hard to comprehend that my baby is now old enough to be heading to school next year.  Lots of mixed emotions happening thinking about this.  He is ready for school though.

I hope everyone gets some time to be creative.


Sue SA said...

Gorgous pillowcases Karen, even better that DH likes them, what a compliment! I think not noticing P&Q is a bloke thing! Thats why I blog, as I get a more appreciate audience then I do at home!
Well done on making your own party favours, that is something special the kids can treasure. Mind out that you dont get earmarked as the "sewing Mum" at school next year thought or you will be costume designing or something equally time consuming!
We are hoping to have a family holiday next year in Qld - flying to Cairns perhaps, will let you know how the research goes regarding child friendly options. Happy quilting Sue.

jlk said...

Such a great idea for a birthday party favor! I'm going to have to borrow/steal that!

Deb said...

Wow you did an awesome job of all that! amazing :) I love love love the pillowcases. Recently I made two and was amazed by how simple it was, I must make some more :) Thanks so much for the earthquake blocks, you are a legend xxxx

melissa said...

Wow, your pillowcases look fantastic, im planning on making some for Christmas presents , i think they make lovely gifts. Thanks for visiting my blog , have a great week! x

antmee said...

Your pillowcases look so beautiful! Never made one myself but might have to jump on the bandwagon after seeing yours!