Saturday, December 18, 2010

Looking good for 2011

There are two great quilt/stitch alongs happening next year.  Dare I try to do both?

First up is a Birdie Stitches block of the month.  Little Miss Shabby is going to be designing it for us.  How cute is that birdie???? (yeah I realise I have no idea how to get a decent sized picture of the button).

Also starting in January is what looks like a star studded quilt along.  Its two blocks a week.  That is probably going to be a problem for me in all honesty.  Also I probably won't be using the same fabrics but not sure if that matters or not. I am pretty hooked already.  Ummm

Anyone else got quilting plans ready for 2011? I think I have my whole year mapped (lol) if I don't get distracted (more than likely will happen).

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gift Making 2010 - Part 2

Well how is everyone going with their preparations for Christmas (if applicable)?  Got all my pressies wrapped today.  I had lots of useful help (5yo was surprisingly very helpful).  He wrapped (just as good as his Dad) and practiced his writing on the tags. What surprised me was how long he stuck at doing the jobs.  Hopefully this is a good sign for his first year of school in 2011. I had a deadline of this coming Thursday as we are having Christmas with hubby's family then and Christmas Day will be spent with my family (they live about 400 km away).
I made another Poochie Bag.  This is a fab pattern. Thanks Monica. This bag is for a work colleague's daughter.  She will be going to hospital for a short stay soon and I thought she might like to take some precious things with her in a cute girly bag. These bags are wonderfully robust.  I love picking out the fabrics.

I made some Pleated Pouches.  I found the tutorial on Skip To My Lou. Its a great pattern.  I faced my zipper fear but am not sure I won the battle. The zippers are in but pretty sure its a crappy job. Nevertheless they are functional and hopefully recipients will be too busy opening and looking for the gift inside than examing my zipper inserting technique (fingers crossed anywway).

 Lastly I made some bookmarks.  Great way to use up some leftover jelly roll strips of Simple Abundance. I got the pattern from 7 Layer Studio.

Also made some bookmarks for some boys. All the ribbon for all the bookmarks is from a very small stash.  I congratulated myself for keeping ribbon from various gifts.  It certainly came in handy for these gifts. See I wasn't just hoarding it for nothing (LOL).

Take care my blog readers and I will catch up with you soon.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Gift Making 2010

Well the silly season is fast approaching and I have most of my present shopping done.  Cards have been posted.  I don't think I have ever been this organised.  I have made some presents but kept it to mainly small things. However I did want to make one big thing for a beautiful girl.  I used the Avalon pattern from Material Obsession Book 1 and used all flannels.  It has wool batting and was quilted with an all over meander pattern.  The photos really don't do it justice but it is so soft and snuggly.  It will be great in the cool weather.

Earlier in the year I had bought my Mum and Mother-In-Law a cup/mug each and then the mug rug craze started.  Of course I then had to make one for each. I used scraps left over from a Simple Abundance jelly roll.

 Lastly I got the 3rd block in the layer cake quilt along finished.  Love this block.  Its my favouite so far.
I just have a few little more gifts to make and to put the tree up.  Maybe this arvo if the motivation is there.