Saturday, December 18, 2010

Looking good for 2011

There are two great quilt/stitch alongs happening next year.  Dare I try to do both?

First up is a Birdie Stitches block of the month.  Little Miss Shabby is going to be designing it for us.  How cute is that birdie???? (yeah I realise I have no idea how to get a decent sized picture of the button).

Also starting in January is what looks like a star studded quilt along.  Its two blocks a week.  That is probably going to be a problem for me in all honesty.  Also I probably won't be using the same fabrics but not sure if that matters or not. I am pretty hooked already.  Ummm

Anyone else got quilting plans ready for 2011? I think I have my whole year mapped (lol) if I don't get distracted (more than likely will happen).


Aunt Spicy said...

I saw both of those but I am just not sure if I can commit...I have so many unfinished projects!

antmee said...

Would love to join a sew a long but alas my life is already overloaded with so much that I will just stress myself! lol

I need to get outside and landscape our bare land with something besides rocks!

Lissy said...

I just twigged you have a nice to put a face to your name! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! I am sure you will be producing lots of delightful things this year! I want to try a quilt or two for the girls!

Jodi said...

Karen, so nice that you won the neighborhood house blocks - I'm with you, I couldn't grasp the improv idea either, but sent a house along just the same, wonky as it came out. Your's, on the other hand, looks great! (I peeked on your blog to find it!) I forgot to take a pic of mine before I sent it on its way - oh, well.) Just wondering where mine might have got to. Have fun with them!