Friday, July 1, 2011

Loot from Quilt Show

What does a slack blogger do to redeem herself? Post about the loot she got at the quilt show at Darling Harbour?

The day started off OK. I got 3 loads of washing done and hung out and dropped my son off at school (yes on time). I then had a short and pleasurable stroll to the train station. The weather was lovely for a winters day. Considering how much rain we have been having it truly was a glorious day weather wise. Waiting for the train in the sun was very nice. I rotated myself around while I waited so I was warmed up to my bones. Train arrives on time HOWEVER its going the wrong direction (its a single track line so there is only ever 1 train at a time and it needed to go up the line for a couple more stops before turning back around). You can imagine I was somewhat displeased as it meant I would miss my connection when we got to the interchange station. Thinking I still had a chance to make it to one of the talks I really wanted to go to, imagine when we reach the main station only to realise I would have to wait 30 MINUTES for a train. Displeasure didn't even cover it! Even the lovely sunny weather was now lost on me. There was no way on earth was I going to make it to the talk OR the demonstration I had also slated for watching. Its great having public transport so handy but when it stuffs up they do a great job of stuffing you around too. I ended up chilling out listening to a new album I had bought.Thank goodness for music!
SO after a slow and frustrating start to the day I finally reached my destination. Yeah! I like to wander around first before purchasing but sometimes if you think it won't be there later you have to GET it fast.
First up is a photo of all that I bought. I really needed a new tote bag for work and had been looking for a while when a nice sales lady showed me the one in the photo. She assured me it was the last one. Its a great size for books, lunch, umbrella etc. Basically anything that doesn't fit in the handbag. It is similar to a laminated fabric.  One side is a red print (side you can see in the photo) while the other side is a cream print and the handles are a different pattern. It really appealed to the patchworker in me.

The next photo is of a bag kit I bought. It is made using strips of cloth used for edging traditional Japanese tatami mattresses. They are supposed to be easy to make. We'll see about that. I got a medium green colour with the longer straps. 

Next up is some patterns I bought. Yes I know some are easy looking but I am really not interested in drafting up patterns. I would rather be using my limited time to sew and not draft. That's not to say one day I won't do it though!  I couldn't resist Anna Maria Horner's book. I think it will be a great resource for using to make gifts. I am slowly reading through it every night. She has such cute things in it.

Lastly is a close up of the fat quarters I thought should come home with me. Notice a trend? Umm yeah it seems I have a thing for spots. I think they are a great staple. For the Aussies reading this I scored most of them for $3.50. That's pretty cheap for us.

Hopefully next time it won't be so long inbetween drinks posts.

Have a super weekend!

PS Here is a link to the quilt show winners.  


Rachaeldaisy said...

Oohh Yummy fabrics and patterns!! I love all your spots!! and yes $3.50 was a bargain for us Aussies!! Any of those patterns would look great with all the spotty dots you bought! Thanks for sharing! Ps shame about the train, I hope the fun at the show made up for it's lateness.

Sue SA said...

Bargin fat quarters and I love spots, they are must haves!Thanks for the link, off to cheak out the winning quilts, happy quilting, Sue

jlk said...

Great loot!

Catherine said...

Nice to see you back Karen :) Gosh you got some great stuff at the Quilt show! I love all those spotty fabrics which I agree are great staples in your stash. It's hard to know what to buy when you're confronted with a lot of fabric. Isn't AMH latest book great. I just bought it a few weeks ago because of I have a couple of babies to sew for due soon. Love your bag too, the red print looks similar to a Wonderland print.

Janet said...

I love spots of all sorts too, I think you have a nice lot of loot there. I'm stiull really sad at missing the show. I'm trying to think of the money I saved but my mind keeps thinking about what I missed.