Monday, July 25, 2011

You won't believe it!

But I finished a quilt top today!!!! I was trying to get it done Saturday but kept making mistakes (urghhh). However today while at home with a sick boy it all came together perfectly. I obviously bought my 'switched on' brain to the job. (Note to self: must do that more often). Photos unfortunately are sadly lacking as the weather has been particularly damp. I will try and get some photos  later this week (hello weather are you listening). You may be wondering exactly which one it is. Well it was a quilt along run by the sassy and utterly delightful Audrie from Blue is Bleu.  Audrie was generous enough to give us directions for making it bigger. I am a sucker for big quilts so just had to make all the extra blocks.  You can see Audrie's quilt here.

I also have been wanting to add a blog signature and as you can see I did it! You have no idea how satisfying it is to accomplish something that seems so technical to me. I used the tutorial from here.

And because I like a post with a picture I have one for you (and me).

Take care and hopefully you will see me around here sooner rather than later.

PS How good is Pinterest!!! So much eye candy. I have a link to my boards on my blog (if you are interested)


jlk said...

Can't wait to see your finished quilt!

Rachaeldaisy said...

WoooHoo, Congratulations on finishing a quilt!! it's such a great feeling! And well done for making a signiture, I'd love to do that, thanks for the link. Such a pretty flower photo! I hope your little boy is feeling better.

Catherine said...

Congratulations on both your quilt finish and your blog signature! I can understand the level of satisfaction in both of these finishes! Looking forward to seeing some photos soon I hope! We too have had some really cold wet weather. Sunny today but still bitterly cold:(

Sue SA said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt, well done! Hope DS wasnt too crook? Happy quilting Sue SA.

Diane said...

Looking forward to seeing the quilt! Enjoy your cloudy damp weather.... I am mighty sick of hot and more hot!

antmee said...

I just found Pininterest a few days ago and its awesome. So much sewing inspiration and tu tu tutorials is my favourite.