Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photo a day July 2012 Part 3

Finally the last installment of my July photos. Thanks for sticking it out.  You never know one day I might actually sew something again and I might have a post about sewing.

July 25 - heart.  Sometimes with the challenge topics inspiration strikes when you are least expecting it to. With the topic 'heart' I was going to take a photo of a pretty stuffed heart I had at home but while at work I noticed that this plant had heart shaped leaves. I thought it was a nice change from the traditinal heart shape I was going to use.
July 26 - sunshine.  I remember this well as early in the morning there had been so much cloud I thought I would never see the sun. Then just after lunch there was a short break in the clouds and out I ran to get a snap.
July 27 - on the road.  The street I live in is very quiet on weekdays when everyone is at work.  I just love the trees on the left side of the photo and how they all lean exactly the same way.
July 28 - cup.  Another one of my Mother's Day purchases for me.  It makes having a cuppa a little bit special.

July 29 - last thing you bought. I bought this for a birthday present for one of my son's friends.
July 30 - calm.  Doing a bit of straightforward crocheting is always relaxing.
July 31 - toothbrush. This was the hardest topic for the month. I had no idea what to do.  Then one of the girls at work mentioned she was going to the dentist and came back with a new toothbrush. I thought wow, I hadn't even mentioned what the topic was to anyone (sometimes I might mention what the topic is and they are very good natured and humour me with listening) and here is a nice clean brand new toothbrush I could use for a photo.  So very unoriginal I did a 'Where's Wally' theme. We were told to use our imagination but somedays mine is on vaction. Oh well.

Take care.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo a day July 2012 Part 2

Well its Friday night here and I am just going to finish Part 2 of my photos and then head to bed. Its so cold and windy here tonight. Perfect for reading my book in my nice warm bed. I am such a nanna sometimes. We have to be up early for our last game of soccer.  Well I have to be up early to make sure everyone is ready to go on time. I am sure you know what I mean.

July 13 - open. The ornate gates to the Botanical Gardens were open for us. I took my son and 2 of his friends on the ferry into the city on one day of the school holidays. The weather was superb.  Despite being winter you could have quite happily and comfortably had a t-shirt and jeans on.
July 14 - building.  This is a house block I made for a friend.  I call it a patchworkers house.
July 15 - finger.  A picture of my son's hand.  I remember when he was doing swimming lessons and he would look over to us and we would give him a thumbs up to tell him he was doing a good job.  We  still use it with each other today.
July 16 - sign. This is a sign nearby my house.

July 17 - your addiction. I love a cold can of coke.
July 18 - plate.  This is a plate I bought myself one Mother's Day. I just love having my breakfast on this plate.  So pretty.  It make breakfast special in some small way.
July 19 - animal/insect/pet.  Some people might call these birds a pest especially when the poop all over your washing.
July 20 - eyes.  My son was doing his 'I need food NOW!' look. I see this look an awful lot. He always seems to be hungry.

July 21 - 9 o'clock. Its 9 o'clock very early on a Saturday morning. This is how I spend my Saturday mornings in winter.  I don't mind the cold when he loves it so much.  He always asks after the match when we are driving home "Mum, did I play well?".  I can always honestly say he plays very well.  He always gives 150%.  I think playing soccer nearly every lunch time at school with older kids has done wonders for his game.
July 22 - upside down. Yeah my son often wants my photos to be about him in some way. He is hanging off the lounge.
July 23 - mirror. Yeah that would be yours truely in the mirror.
July 24 - a stranger.  Well this was hard, or so I thought. Then I walked out of the front door of work and was presented with a perfect opportunity. Just glad that its not my umbrella.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photo a day July 2012 Part 1

So I made it through all of July, taking a photo each day.  I thought I might break it up into 2 posts with a short description of each photo. This is more for my benefit because the memory just ain't what it used to be. I guess its also a way of you getting to know me better. OK let's see how we go.

July 1 - self portrait. This is one of the very few adult photos of me that I like. I so much prefer being behind the camera. Its about 5 years old. I was 3 months pregnant with my son at the time.
July 2 - busy.  I catch the train to and from work and it can get quite busy in the afternoon especially just before the express train arrives.
July 3 - best part of your day. This topic just happened to fall on a work day so the best bit was turning off the work computer for the day.
July 4 - fun. For my son that means wrestling big ted and trying out his 'finisher' move.  Poor big ted.

July 5 - on the floor. It was school holidays and we went ten-pin bowling.
July 6 - chair.  The chair was my maternal Grandmother's and the blanket was made by my paternal Grandmother. It is so colourful and I am just so honoured to have it.  The cushion I made.  I spent many a Saturday afternoon sitting in my Grandmother's room reading and chatting with her. Special times indeed.
July 7 - garden.  A tiny bud on my chrysanthemum plant.  Way out of season but ever so pretty.
July 8 - lunch.  A very tasty Vietnamese pork roll from my local bakery.

July 9 - big.  I really struggled with this one. It was a day I worked and I tried to capture some of the big buildings in the city during my lunch break but it just wasn't happening. So I gave up and went and shopped for some clothes for my son.  As I was leaving I saw the poster and had my light bulb moment as to what my capture was going to be.
July 10 - your favourite colour.  Well I just love colour! How on earth was I ever going to pick just one? I just pulled out a yummy fabric.  I love the colour and design on this fabric.
July 11 - letter.  You might need to use your imagination with this one. I used the Sydney Hospital's windows to sort of make an 'm'.
July 12 - texture.  This is a photo of  a patch of bark on the tree in our courtyard.

If you made it here, thank you.  See you soon with the next installment.

Friday, July 27, 2012

I have been featured

The beautiful & talented Rachael at Blue Mountain Daisy has done a little feature about me.  We did a house block exchange and Rachael has been doing a Friendly Friday feature series about all the bloggers that sent her blocks.

If you are interested you can see it here.

Thank you Rachael.

(The photo has nothing to do with anything other than I like pictures in blog posts)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quilt Show Purchases 2012

My annual pilgrimage to the NSW Quilters Guild Quilt Show was a wonderful day just for me. I had a wonderfully contented day wandering amongst the beautiful quilts. You can see the winning quilts here.

Part of the day also involves wandering around the shops enticing us with yummy fabrics and patterns. There was no way I could resist. So without further ado, the eye candy.

I obviously have a thing for spots. To me they are so cute and alluring they just had to come home with me. I have no plans for any of this fabric but I have no doubt it will show up somewhere.

So here is the question, what is the one fabric design/colour that you just can't resist?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Photo a day June 2012

I managed to finish my first Photoaday challenge for June 2012. I started on Day 10. I only allow myself a maximum of 5 minutes and it is fun! Sometimes I am not the most creative with the topic. Oh well. I quite possibly have had some strange looks sent my way while trying to get the photo I want. I am going to pretend I am some fabulous photographer capturing everyday life.

The topics for June 2012 were:

Can you match the photos to the topics? (Hint look from left to right)

If you would like to join me for July you can see the topics here. The wonderful fatmumslim has all the details on her website. Who are you going to pretend to be while you are getting the photo of the year day?

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Sunday, June 10, 2012


Well I hope you are all sitting down. I finally got myself a smart phone! WAHOO!!!! I desperately wanted one to make texting easier for myself and have been loving the whole Instagram thing. Mind you as its still new I am missing the simplicity of my old Nokia. It never gave me a moments trouble. Hubby is now using it. So I can still visit with it if I want. The new one, a Sony Xperia S, has some ridiculous amount of internal storage. I managed to video most of my son's soccer game and it ain't half bad. There were only a couple of earthquakes (aka the shakes) and I will be able to copy it easily for the other parents (they love it when I give them photos of their kids playing).

I am going to try to do the 'June photo a day' organised by fatmumslim. Each day there is a designated theme. Yeah I am starting half way through the month but better late than never right? For June 10 the theme is 'Best Bit of Your Weekend'. 

Its a long weekend here and we thought we would go for a Sunday drive. The weather was gloomy when we set out but we weren't deterred as it wasn't like it was pouring.  We headed south for the Sea Cliff Drive. Its a bridge that hugs the coast.  The closer we got the sunnier it got. It was like the weather was perfect just in that area. It was really strange. We walked  along the bridge and then drove through some pretty scenery and found a lovely spot for lunch. It was a beautiful day out.

So, my first Instagram photo is one of the Sea Cliff Drive. Enjoy.

I am not sure if I will inflict the photos from the challenge on you ( it certainly wouldn't be daily, maybe monthly like I have seen others do if I can ever work out how to do that. Any tips more than gratefully accepted). I just thought I would try to post one of my photos.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Believe It Or Not But I Have Some Finishes...

I have been reading some of my favourite blogs and how they occasionally loose their sewing/creating mojo. Mine has been on vacation (not sure where exactly as I didn't get a postcard!). I have just had too much on for my mind to be quite enough to allow me to sew.  But good things come to those who wait and I actually have some finishes to show.  I am really pleased with these and they have got me inspired again. I feel these projects are exactly where my sewing is at in terms of fabric and design.

First up is the last two blocks of the Fat Quarter Stars Quilt Along. Gosh I love these quilt alongs organised by Konda at Moose On The Porch Quilts.

Who doesn't love a good cherry fabric?

Now for the first finish! This quilt was started some time ago as part of a quilt along using charm packs. I used  plaids and wovens from a couple of different 3 Sisters fabric ranges. This quilt waited ever so patiently for its binding. The backing is some old (vintage?) Anna Griffin fabric. It was exactly the right yardage for the backing.  My long arm quilter did an awesome job on the quilting. Its a continuous design but it has a baptist fan feel to it. I adore it.
I really have no idea how to get a decent photo of this quilt. Its either too sunny or not quite sunny enough. A big thank you to hubby for pretending to enjoy being a quilt hanger.

My second and most recent finish (like 2 hours ago) was my Fat Quarter Stars Quilt Along quilt top. I just luuurve this thing.  It looked great without the final border but it was too pristine for my liking so I decided to add some scrappy borders to 'junk it up a bit'. Yeah I really did think that! Did I tell you I just luuurve this thing? Yeah. OK you've got the picture you say.
I so enjoyed delving into my spots for the block borders. Would you believe I had enough spotty fabrics to not have to use the same one twice? Did I hear a yes?
I put some Tanya Whelan on the side borders and some Jennifer Paganelli on the top and bottom borders.  Once I get my backing and batting together I will send it to my favourite long armer so she can work her magic.

That's probably going to be it for a while as its school holidays for the next couple of weeks and my son-with-the-missing-two-front-teeth-and-it-is-just-too-cute-for-his-Mum-not-to-want-to-hug-him-all-the-time (or make him talk all the time which isn't a problem for this boy) and I are heading off for a little rail adventure.

Ta ta!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Piecing, piecing & winning

Its me again! Back again so soon. The school year hasn't really cranked up yet and we had so much rain last week that after school cricket was cancelled. I actually took advantage of this and got the machine humming.

I have caught up on my Fat Quarter Stars Quilt Along. Block 10 was a pleasure to make. Even the fabric selection was quick. Does that mean I over thunk the other ones? Possibly. But for me its when a see a particular fabric that I KNOW its the one.

I also got my Made in Cherry quilt top finished. I am so glad the quilt police were not patrolling when this one was going together. My corner squares really should have been bigger that what was advised but there was not enough left for re-cutting such big squares. Some massaging was involved. I have not been brave enough to measure the thing for a finished size.

I would really love to add a border or two as I have quite a few 5 inch squares left over. I was thinking about adding a border of the solid then a border of prints and then possibly another border of solid. I really like to tuck my quilts in at the end of the bed to keep it in place. However, and this is a BIG however, I fear the maths will totally do me in, especially once I get up the guts to measure it. Its supposed to be 90 inches square. I fear/know mine is probably not.

I was extremely fortunate to be a Block 5 winner in the Fat Quarter Stars Quilt Along run by Konda. I won a charm pack of the Pezzy Print. I found a picture of it at the Fat Quarter Shop.  I just knew I couldn't capture the cuteness with one of my photos. Thanks Fat Quarter Shop for the image.

I was also so very lucky to win as part of the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day. The gorgeous Catherine from The Sewing Attic was giving away these awesome goodies. I just love everything. Thank you Catherine so much for your generosity. Thanks for the photo too.

Happy stitching friends!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Quilt along update

Is it really the end of January already? It has been a very busy January for us. We have just finished 6 weeks of school holidays. My baby (are they ever not your baby?) is now a big first classer.  He looked super cute today in his slightly too big school uniform. Leaving hubby in charge of first day photos was not successful. I will definitely be having another photo shoot on Thursday or Friday.

I am very lucky and have a 3 day a week job. We are a lean mean machine. Hubby does the morning shift and I do the afternoon pick-up from after school care on the days that I work. My son loves that time with his Dad. All that 'boy stuff' to talk about. All I get when I pick him up is "what have you got for me to eat Mum?" I never dare turn up empty handed. It amazes me just how much he eats. He will polish off what I bring him on our walk home and then want more and more. Its no use getting much out of him until he has stopped being hungry. And yes he does eat all his food we sent for lunch and recess. He also gets fed at after school care. Sometimes I wonder how we are going to feed him when he is a teenager! Hints and tips welcome.

So my sewing time has been somewhat limited. I have finally caught up on my blocks in the Fat Quarter Stars Quilt Along and its time for block 10.  This is my version on Block 8 . Its a great spinning star block pattern.

Next up is Block 9. Umm yeah. I have no idea where my brain was when I was sewing this one. I had to completely re-make 2 of the units.  Looking at it you are probably thinking how on earth could she stuff that up! I think it will remain one of 'those' mysteries. I love this double star block pattern.

I just couldn't resist joining in the Made in Cherry Quilt Along. Chelsea is doing a wonderful job of leading us along. Its based on the free pattern from Sarah Fielke for her St Ives fabric range. Chelsea has been very clever and even given us alternate quilt sizes. I am going to make the 90 inch size. The pattern is perfect for charm packs. I have opted to use my stash. It certainly would have made cutting out quicker if I had used charm packs.

I am a little behind but I thought I would show you my star centre. I have made the star points and cut out the background. I just haven't managed to get it all together yet. I am very happy with my fabric choices.

I am hoping next time I will have the quilt top together. I am really eager to get this one done to see how it all looks once all the bits are together. Now that school is back in I am hoping we will all settle into a new routine that will permit some stitching time.

 I hope you all have a fine stitchy week!