Monday, January 30, 2012

Quilt along update

Is it really the end of January already? It has been a very busy January for us. We have just finished 6 weeks of school holidays. My baby (are they ever not your baby?) is now a big first classer.  He looked super cute today in his slightly too big school uniform. Leaving hubby in charge of first day photos was not successful. I will definitely be having another photo shoot on Thursday or Friday.

I am very lucky and have a 3 day a week job. We are a lean mean machine. Hubby does the morning shift and I do the afternoon pick-up from after school care on the days that I work. My son loves that time with his Dad. All that 'boy stuff' to talk about. All I get when I pick him up is "what have you got for me to eat Mum?" I never dare turn up empty handed. It amazes me just how much he eats. He will polish off what I bring him on our walk home and then want more and more. Its no use getting much out of him until he has stopped being hungry. And yes he does eat all his food we sent for lunch and recess. He also gets fed at after school care. Sometimes I wonder how we are going to feed him when he is a teenager! Hints and tips welcome.

So my sewing time has been somewhat limited. I have finally caught up on my blocks in the Fat Quarter Stars Quilt Along and its time for block 10.  This is my version on Block 8 . Its a great spinning star block pattern.

Next up is Block 9. Umm yeah. I have no idea where my brain was when I was sewing this one. I had to completely re-make 2 of the units.  Looking at it you are probably thinking how on earth could she stuff that up! I think it will remain one of 'those' mysteries. I love this double star block pattern.

I just couldn't resist joining in the Made in Cherry Quilt Along. Chelsea is doing a wonderful job of leading us along. Its based on the free pattern from Sarah Fielke for her St Ives fabric range. Chelsea has been very clever and even given us alternate quilt sizes. I am going to make the 90 inch size. The pattern is perfect for charm packs. I have opted to use my stash. It certainly would have made cutting out quicker if I had used charm packs.

I am a little behind but I thought I would show you my star centre. I have made the star points and cut out the background. I just haven't managed to get it all together yet. I am very happy with my fabric choices.

I am hoping next time I will have the quilt top together. I am really eager to get this one done to see how it all looks once all the bits are together. Now that school is back in I am hoping we will all settle into a new routine that will permit some stitching time.

 I hope you all have a fine stitchy week!


jlk said...

It's so true -- boys are always hungry!

Rachaeldaisy said...

My mum always said my brother had hollow legs. I really love your projects. You use such fun modern fabrics and make them look so pretty. The first block looks ethereal, the 2 star block is really clever. And the Made in Cherry Quilt is so fun, I'd love to make that quilt one day. I'm looking forward to seeing what backing you use.

Sue SA said...

DH tells me that they use to eat toast after school...and chops for breakfast on the weekends!!! Yikes! He is one of six so guess toast is cheap and a good kid DIY snack, but chops?! And not cheap!
Gorgous quilt blocks, really love the double star, never seen it before, but would love to see it in a whole quilt. Charm square quilt top is beautiful, such a great idea to use your stash, sure it takes longer, but then you can use all your favorites and just enjoy the lovely patterns on each and every piece. Happy quilting, sure being back in routine will help, well thats what I am hoping also!

Catherine said...

Well I probably can't help you too much as I have 2 girls who don't have huge appetites all the time but after school in summer I make up a milkshake for them with fruit like a smoothie really and that seems to fill them up until dinner. Frozen banana is good in these as it makes it nice and thick.
Just loving your fabric choices for the centre star for the quilt along you're doing. Very pretty!

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

I just love your Made in Cherry!!!