Sunday, June 10, 2012


Well I hope you are all sitting down. I finally got myself a smart phone! WAHOO!!!! I desperately wanted one to make texting easier for myself and have been loving the whole Instagram thing. Mind you as its still new I am missing the simplicity of my old Nokia. It never gave me a moments trouble. Hubby is now using it. So I can still visit with it if I want. The new one, a Sony Xperia S, has some ridiculous amount of internal storage. I managed to video most of my son's soccer game and it ain't half bad. There were only a couple of earthquakes (aka the shakes) and I will be able to copy it easily for the other parents (they love it when I give them photos of their kids playing).

I am going to try to do the 'June photo a day' organised by fatmumslim. Each day there is a designated theme. Yeah I am starting half way through the month but better late than never right? For June 10 the theme is 'Best Bit of Your Weekend'. 

Its a long weekend here and we thought we would go for a Sunday drive. The weather was gloomy when we set out but we weren't deterred as it wasn't like it was pouring.  We headed south for the Sea Cliff Drive. Its a bridge that hugs the coast.  The closer we got the sunnier it got. It was like the weather was perfect just in that area. It was really strange. We walked  along the bridge and then drove through some pretty scenery and found a lovely spot for lunch. It was a beautiful day out.

So, my first Instagram photo is one of the Sea Cliff Drive. Enjoy.

I am not sure if I will inflict the photos from the challenge on you ( it certainly wouldn't be daily, maybe monthly like I have seen others do if I can ever work out how to do that. Any tips more than gratefully accepted). I just thought I would try to post one of my photos.


Sue SA said...

Yeah for you looking forward to the pics! I love a good Sunday drive. :-)

Catherine said...

Oh that looks and sounds like a wonderful day out and Sunday drive. Btw love your new blog header photo!! When and how did you do that??

Rene' said...

Karen, great photo!!! I will have to look you up on Instagram. I am a newbie there but also trying the photo a day thing. Look forward to seeing more of your pics.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Wow, I Love your photo!! I'm on instagram but don't log on very often, doing a challenge is such a great idea.I look forward to more fabulous photos!!

antmee said...

Lovely photo! Never heard of instagram before today. Sounds like a fun app.