Friday, July 27, 2012

I have been featured

The beautiful & talented Rachael at Blue Mountain Daisy has done a little feature about me.  We did a house block exchange and Rachael has been doing a Friendly Friday feature series about all the bloggers that sent her blocks.

If you are interested you can see it here.

Thank you Rachael.

(The photo has nothing to do with anything other than I like pictures in blog posts)


Catherine said...

What a great feature Karen! Enjoyed getting to know a little more about you and seeing some of your beautiful creations.

Sue SA said...

Yeah for you! Isn't it funny but I didn't know what sort of machine you had...but I bet your DH and on know the make n model of car their friends drive! I just rescued a mag from the chuck out pile with very old house patterns, I will try and scan it for you.

Rene' said...

Congratulations on the feature! I enjoyed learning more about you over at Rachael's blog. Friendly Fridays....what a fun idea. Can't believe your son is already 6! Cute picture too...did you make those?

antmee said...

Your feature was a very enjoyable read! Your quilts are wonderful and I liked the information about what sewing machine you used to make them. I will have to keep that in mind when I go looking for a better quilting machine. Mine is so useless I stopped trying to get into the quilting thing. But looking at yours and other great quilts I still wish I could make some myself and will have to pull my finger out and do some research on a good machine.