Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photo a day July 2012 Part 1

So I made it through all of July, taking a photo each day.  I thought I might break it up into 2 posts with a short description of each photo. This is more for my benefit because the memory just ain't what it used to be. I guess its also a way of you getting to know me better. OK let's see how we go.

July 1 - self portrait. This is one of the very few adult photos of me that I like. I so much prefer being behind the camera. Its about 5 years old. I was 3 months pregnant with my son at the time.
July 2 - busy.  I catch the train to and from work and it can get quite busy in the afternoon especially just before the express train arrives.
July 3 - best part of your day. This topic just happened to fall on a work day so the best bit was turning off the work computer for the day.
July 4 - fun. For my son that means wrestling big ted and trying out his 'finisher' move.  Poor big ted.

July 5 - on the floor. It was school holidays and we went ten-pin bowling.
July 6 - chair.  The chair was my maternal Grandmother's and the blanket was made by my paternal Grandmother. It is so colourful and I am just so honoured to have it.  The cushion I made.  I spent many a Saturday afternoon sitting in my Grandmother's room reading and chatting with her. Special times indeed.
July 7 - garden.  A tiny bud on my chrysanthemum plant.  Way out of season but ever so pretty.
July 8 - lunch.  A very tasty Vietnamese pork roll from my local bakery.

July 9 - big.  I really struggled with this one. It was a day I worked and I tried to capture some of the big buildings in the city during my lunch break but it just wasn't happening. So I gave up and went and shopped for some clothes for my son.  As I was leaving I saw the poster and had my light bulb moment as to what my capture was going to be.
July 10 - your favourite colour.  Well I just love colour! How on earth was I ever going to pick just one? I just pulled out a yummy fabric.  I love the colour and design on this fabric.
July 11 - letter.  You might need to use your imagination with this one. I used the Sydney Hospital's windows to sort of make an 'm'.
July 12 - texture.  This is a photo of  a patch of bark on the tree in our courtyard.

If you made it here, thank you.  See you soon with the next installment.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Karen, these photos are wonderful!! It's so interesting to see how you interpreted the daily themes. I enjoyed the descriptions too. Looking forward to the rest of the month.

Rene' said...

I like how you are splitting up the month and telling us a little about each photo. I have yet to complete a month....

Sue SA said...

Great photos, and love having the descriptions that give us so much insight.

Catherine said...

Well done in getting all your photo challenges done! I LOVE your chair with the blanket and cushion on it! So bright and colourful and full of family history and meaning to you...