Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photo a day July 2012 Part 3

Finally the last installment of my July photos. Thanks for sticking it out.  You never know one day I might actually sew something again and I might have a post about sewing.

July 25 - heart.  Sometimes with the challenge topics inspiration strikes when you are least expecting it to. With the topic 'heart' I was going to take a photo of a pretty stuffed heart I had at home but while at work I noticed that this plant had heart shaped leaves. I thought it was a nice change from the traditinal heart shape I was going to use.
July 26 - sunshine.  I remember this well as early in the morning there had been so much cloud I thought I would never see the sun. Then just after lunch there was a short break in the clouds and out I ran to get a snap.
July 27 - on the road.  The street I live in is very quiet on weekdays when everyone is at work.  I just love the trees on the left side of the photo and how they all lean exactly the same way.
July 28 - cup.  Another one of my Mother's Day purchases for me.  It makes having a cuppa a little bit special.

July 29 - last thing you bought. I bought this for a birthday present for one of my son's friends.
July 30 - calm.  Doing a bit of straightforward crocheting is always relaxing.
July 31 - toothbrush. This was the hardest topic for the month. I had no idea what to do.  Then one of the girls at work mentioned she was going to the dentist and came back with a new toothbrush. I thought wow, I hadn't even mentioned what the topic was to anyone (sometimes I might mention what the topic is and they are very good natured and humour me with listening) and here is a nice clean brand new toothbrush I could use for a photo.  So very unoriginal I did a 'Where's Wally' theme. We were told to use our imagination but somedays mine is on vaction. Oh well.

Take care.


jlk said...

I hope you can sew something, too! I think our sewing mojos went on vacation together.

Catherine said...

Love your pretty teacup, sure to make tea drinking even more enjoyable.

Rachaeldaisy said...

You photo a day has been a great project!! It's so interesting to hear your interpretations of themes. What a coincidence for the toothbrush day!!

Aunt Spicy said...

loving all your pictures, what a fun summer!

antmee said...

What a fun photo taking project! I love your pretty pink tea cup and saucer!

Naturally Carol said...

You've lost your sewing mojo? I seem to have misplaced mine as well! I do like a pretty cup for a cuppa too.