Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sugar Block Club Block for March

I finally found some time to sew together the March block of the Sugar Block Club.  Soccer season is gearing up which interferes with my Saturday sewing time.  This block had a bit of paper piecing.  Now its been a VERY long time since I have done any paper piecing.  Thank goodness it was not a complicated pattern. I really enjoyed making this block.  I pulled out some Japanese fabrics for this block.  They are just so charming (well to me anyway).

Last weekend I took myself off to a craft show.  Lucky for me it was just 3 train stops away.  I had to take my son so he appreciated the albeit short train ride.  I had a wonderful time despite a not very enthusiastic child.  He however changed his mind when we checked out the wood working demonstrations and started buying his own fat quarters.

I attended a half hour workshop where Paula Storm talked about applique and her technique.  Now if you have ever tried the starch method you will want one of these brushes that she has designed.  Much better than spraying starch into a lid and using a paintbrush.  It has inspired me to try applique again (one day).  Paula even gives you a recipe to make your own starch (recipe comes with the brush).

(I couldn't find them on her web site but I am sure you could email her if you would like one)

Of course I didn't have to try very hard to find some fabric that I liked.

I have extremely busy week coming up.  Let's hope its controlled chaos all the way!

I hope you have wonderful week.