Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sugar Block Club - April and May

I don't know about you but I am still looking for April.  I swear I missed the whole month! And now May is nearly over! Soccer season is back in full swing. Luckily this year our games are 10 am games and not 8 am games.  Much more civilised and warmer. We have also been experiencing very un-autumn like weather. Its been roughly 25 degrees Celsius nearly every day for weeks.

I have managed to keep on top of my Sugar Block Club blocks.  The first one is April's and the second one is May's.  The May block is totally paper pieced. A first for me. I am still surprised that I didn't get frustrated once.  I must have been in the right frame of mind to tackle it.

These are just some flower shots I have taken from around my place. I love pretty flower shots.

Thank you for stopping by. Hoping your week ahead is a good one.


Rachaeldaisy said...

I know what you mean, this year seems to be flying by faster than usual, it's hard to keep up!! I love your blocks, you always use the most beautiful colour combinations. Beautiful flower photos too, those sweet peas are so pretty I can smell them through your photo.

Sue SA said...

Love that first flower, what is it called? I am behind in my blocks, haven't done May yet and have to redo one other as it is too small, opps better get cracking...yours look gorgeous!