Friday, October 24, 2014

Softies for Mirabel 2013 and 2014

Its that time of the year again. Its time for the Softies for Mirabel appeal. For 2014 I have made four bunnies.  I picked up the pattern at a craft show.  The pattern is by Archie and Moo but I can't seem to find it online.  It is wonderfully simple but cuddly. You have to test them for their cuddle and huggability factor.  I used quilting cotton on the front and flannel on the back. I just had to get stuffing for the bunnies. All the fabrics were from "the stash".  Very satisfying.

I didn't blog my 2013's efforts either. I made four teddies.  These are made from linen. I got this pattern from Craft Schmaft and it is called Mr Ted.  You can get the tutorial here. I had more time in 2013 and was able to work on something with more detail.

I like making softies but only the more simple ones.  Anything too intricate would never get finished. I always have this internal debate with myself over making one elaborate softie versus being able to make more using a simpler pattern. From the above picture you can see which side of the argument wins.

Getting the faces right is a challenge for me. It does not come naturally. Giving them some character and a look that says "let me soothe you troubles" is tricky. This year's pattern removed that challenge.

As I make them I imagine them giving a child some comfort as my son's softies give him. Never underestimate the power of a softie!


Leslie can't stop quilting said...

These are just so sweet...I love the faces on last years softies!!! I will have to look up what the cause it for these little sweeties....great job Karen!!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

These are so cute!! The bunnies ears are so perfect for little hands to grab onto for a cuddle. I love the fabrics you've used. Your little bears have such friendly faces. I know what you mean about faces though, it's amazing how much different moving an eye over, or making a mouth bigger or smaller makes.

Sue SA said...

Karen your softies (past and present) are adorable! This patterns just might tempt me back into a bit of toy making....faces use to put me off too....and stuffing tiny narrow arms and legs, but your patterns have nicely avoided that!