Friday, October 31, 2014

That's What Friends Are For

Back in April 2012 a very good buddy, Rachaeldaisy, put a call out for some house blocks.  I love house blocks so I dug out my house patterns and got sewing and sent them to Rachael.  In exchange Rachael also sent me some house blocks. I will let the pictures show you how lucky I was.

How good was that! I am ashamed I am only posting about it now. I seemed to go into a blogging slump around then.  Rachael has been designing up a storm and has a quilt touring in the USA.  Her quilt for the Bloggers Quilt Festival is really something special. You can read about it here.

If you are wondering what I sent.  The photos are below.  Basically I made her two mansions as the blocks are on the larger side.  I also sent her an emergency pouch with some goodies.

I would really like to try and do a non-traditional setting for my blocks.  However because that is out of my comfort zone the blocks are still waiting for me. I suspect I will need hand holding so don't hold your breath waiting to see that quilt and don't be surprised if it ends up looking traditional in design.

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Rachaeldaisy said...

Do you know, I'd forgotten about those blocks I made. It's fun to see them now, I used some pretty crazy fabric combos! I've still got my pile of blocks. I do have plans for putting them together but the time just hasn't arrived yet. I love the first aid kit, i have it with my sewing things and the bandaids have come in handy, and so have the little treats!! Thanks for being such a great buddy.