Friday, November 14, 2014

Zippered Pouches Galore

For someone who was once terrified of zippers I can safely say I have conquered that fear.  Mind you don't ask me about clothing and zippers.  I am strictly a one trick pony. I really enjoy whipping up these little treasures.  We needed some for where I work so I happily looked through the stash for lots of different fabrics.  I even bought some zipper pulls to bling them up a bit. All the recipients loved the idea of having a pouch that was uniquely theirs.

I also made a couple of pouches for a couple of very special girls who help their Mum's while we do school banking for the students each week.  They will both be starting school themselves next year so I wanted to make them something to keep their treasures in. The girls are the best of friends so of course I had to make their pouches with the same fabric. I may have also snuck a treat or two in the pouch.

My go to pattern can be found on the Skip To My Lou website. I buy my zippers from Zip It on Etsy. Sometimes its hard to get the supplies you need without clocking up quite a few kilometers not to mention wasting time (especially when they don't have what you need and equally bad is if the quality is not good).  I have found the zippers from Zip It to be very high quality and they have a fantastic range of colours. I am not getting paid for this.  Sometimes its just good to know where you can source your materials from.

So I dare you.  If you haven't made a zippered pouch before, try making one from this pattern.  Trust me if I can make one, anyone can! If you do make one let me know or send me a picture.  I would love to see it!


Rachaeldaisy said...

What a fun stack of zippered pouches! I love the little dangly treasures on the zips. Thanks for the link to the pattern and where to get zippers

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

Zipit is a wonderful resource and they ship so quickly and with a reasonable price. Your pouches are adorable!

Sue SA said...

Wow an impressive display of cute, creative work - well done you!

Catherine said...

A beautiful stack of pouches ! Sounds like you had fun making them and conquered your zipper fear too. Well done Karen!

Stephanie said...

Zippers give me hives. I've tried and yet to find one that I feel confident to make the same installation a second time. Thanks for the links. I'm collecting zipper tutorials. :o) Your pouches are colorful and awesome. Love the personalized bling.